Knitting fun!


Let’s start out the new year with a lovely new project, this time it’s not about crocheting, but about knitting!

I have wanted to knit something for a long, long time.

As a child, my mother taught me how to knit. Now and then, I would pick up my knitting needles, but I never managed to finish anything.

I always ended up taking my crocheting hook instead, as this would go much faster and the results were nicer, because crocheting is something I do all the time.

To be able to knit well, you need to make ‘knitting miles’, and during the last Christmas holidays, I finally took the time to sit down and finish a knitting project.

I kept it simple and chose a garter stitch. Garter stitches and stripes!

And look! The result is a very simple but supercool garter stich scarf.

A perfect pattern for making those knitting miles!

I liked it so much, that I started working on the second one as soon as the first scarf was finished!

The first scarf is dark brown and green, a naturally cool and fun color combination.



The second scarf was done in Coral and Caramel and I added a touch of ‘sparkle’, to give it a nice retro look.

See how great it looks!!



And…. I am now working on my third scarf. I loved the effect of the sparkle in the scarf so much, that I chose to do something more with it.

This time, I knitted the scarf in the colors Wine red and Red, with Fuchsia Pink sparkle; such a dazzling combination!

The Softmix yarn has a wonderful structure once its finished and if you use an 8 needle, your knitting piece will turn out nice and supple.

(Please note: due to its loose structure, the knitting piece might become too supple for your taste. In this case, you could use thinner knitting needles)

Well, I’m hooked, knitting is just so much fun!

Are you a crocheting champ, who would like to venture out into the world of knitting?

Than just start out with this fun and easy scarf….



This is what you need:


Knitting needles, size 6 and size 8 (e.g. knitting needles by Pony – 30 cm length)

With needle 6, cast the stitches onto your needle and knit 1 row, then continue with needle 8.


Knitting with bamboo knitting needles.

I really liked the feel of these needles. An extra plus; your knitting piece won’t slide off the needles so easily.

byClaire Softmix and byClaire Sparkle.

  • Brown and green scarf: 200 grams in total.
    • 100 gram Dark brown 2230 and 100 gram Emerald 2135.
  • Coral, Caramel with sparkle: 250 grams in total.
    • 100 gram Coral 2190, 100 gram Caramel 2210 and 50 gram Cayenne 2208 Sparkle.
    • Caramel and Cayenne are knitted together.
  • Bordeaux, Red with sparkle: 250 grams in total.
    • 100 gram Bordeaux 222, 100 gram Red 316 and 50 gram Fuchsia 236 Sparkle.
    • Red and Fuchsia sparkle are knitted together.

About 180/190 cm length – 28 cm width.


– Garter stitches –

The garter pattern is de easiest knitting stitch.

All rows are knitted exclusively with knit stitches. This way, you simply follow along to the end of the row and back.

The garter pattern is nice and springy.

1 garter is 2 rows of knit stitches.


Cast 30 stitches onto your needle.

Knitting garters.

Knit 2 rows in the same color, then change to the next color.

You can simply switch to the next color at the end of the row, because you begin and finish on the same side of your knitting piece.

Knit a total of 95 garters.

Weave the loose ends and your scarf is all finished and ready to wear!!


I wish you lots of KNITTING FUN!



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